Question: I have registered, but can only log into my account and not my Studio back-end?

Answer: If you have not loaded a studio logo and header, Bart’s might put your account on “Pending” mode as your studio will be showing blank on the collective studio page, which looks unprofessional. We would need you to prepare a logo and header, then contact us so we can re-instate your account so that you can add these images in your settings.


Question: Is the site really free to join, what’s the catch?

Answer: There is no catch, and the site is free to join. Bart’s does add a 45% mark up to your artworks, however with our huge marketing budget, we target mainly oversees collectors and investors who through our research are happy to pay premium prices aided by the Dollar/Pound and Rand exchange. As an artist, you have nothing to lose.


Question: I am struggling to set up my account and studio, what do I do?

Answer: You can contact us through the form on this page and we will be happy to set it up for you, no problem, at no cost.


Question: One or more of my artworks have been removed or have not been approved, why?

Answer: We at Bart’s want to offer our clients the best possible artworks, and on occasion will remove an Artist or an Art piece should our curators feel the work is not quite up to standard. Contact us should you have any concerns.


Question: Do I keep my artworks with me, or must I send them to Bart’s art?

Answer: You can keep your original artworks with you. Should we receive an order for your work, we will notify you immediately, from there you would need to package and send the work to the client through your selected courier. All delivery costs received from the client will be sent to you to cover the delivery.


You can send us or store your artwork with us, in which case we will pack and deliver your artwork on purchase.

Question: I have sold the artwork myself that is listed in my Bart’s Studio, now what?

Answer: Please email us as soon as possible, in which case we will mark your work as being “sold”. Naturally if you sell your own work privately through other means, we take no commission.