Healing Horse


Size: 70 x 70 cm

Oil & Acrylic on Canvas, Stretched onto Frame

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Tragedy and trauma caused a thirteen-year-old girl to stop speaking. Her father was worried about her. He noticed she still loved to read books and particularly books about horses. One Saturday morning, early before the sun had risen, he drove her out into the country where he knew a lady farmer that had some horses. When they arrived, the girl stepped out the car with a pail complexion, shoulders rounded forward and an arched back that looked as if she had a heavy weight pressing down on her. Perhaps her purpose, the lady farmer took the girls hand and lead her to the stables down by the river where she housed old retired race horses she had rescued from negligent owners. As they approached, the horses were out already and down by the river was the most majestic horse the girl had ever seen, her eyes lit up as the horse looked over its shoulder and gazed deeply and directly back at her.
Uncharacteristically, the horse turned and limped towards her off its rear left leg, it had been abused in its life and at that moment the two found each other to reside in and heal together…



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